Science homework and meltdowns.

anyone who has parented teenage boys will know getting them to do their homework is never and easy task and when they have Aspergers oh boy that puts a whole new spin on things.

last year when Matt was attending the Ftee Catholic School they were very understanding about homework and realised that a full day of school was a big enough challenge without having to go home and do homework too. Indeed Matt often falls asleep as soon as he comes in from school, I can only imagine this is because he has had to work so hard at fitting in all day long plus two stressful bus journeys there and back. Unfortunately Matt’s science teacher gives homework and the school issues punishments by degrees known as C1 C2 andC3 C3 being detention. Now both my boys are very nervous about receiving any of these punishments and they see them as a threat held over them for any misdemeanour. Matt was set science homework which he clearly couldn’t manage, he brought it home and fretted about it for days until yesterday when he completely lost it-lying prostate on the sofa refusing any help and thrashing his limbs around he had lost the plot.

When teachers set homework I appreciate they have to give it to the whole class but sometimes reasonable adjustment needs to be made ( difficult for time strapped teachers)

this morning I sent in a note explaining the above but guess what Matt didn’t hand it to the teacher and he didn’t get a punishment because the teacher had forgotten to give him the worksheet!!!!

so a meltdown for nothing .. And still no homework done and we still have to pick up the pieces


I never like February

So since I last wrote everyone has had a horrible Lurgy, high temperatures snot etc . Frustrating to just have to sit around feeling like poo while the house gets more and more untidy around you. ( not helped by bring the only female human being here)

Following on from my last post Matt my son is quite settled at the moment but there are always little things that tip him over and we have to be on the look outfit this. Last week the school rang because Matt had upset a girl who travels into school on the same bus as my boys do, this young lady in question was very upset because Matt just doesn’t want anything to do with him and she clearly wants to be friends or more with him. ( she asked him to be her boyfriend) – bless. We tried to explain all of this to the school and I think they understood as no further action was taken but it’s always there the knowledge that your kids not quite the same as the others, doesn’t fit in or have many friends and you know ( and people tell me) my boy is a lovely funny very bright young man. I can’t say I always feel enthusiastic about his differences when I’m physically dressing him for school every weekday morning, he’s taller than me and going through puberty so his dignity is also an issue even if Iam his mum.

so this evening I’m sitting on my rather worn out but lovely Ercol sofa thinking about my Uni project that has to be in next week, have I washed the kids uniforms, should I send Ross ( Matt’s younger brother ) to school tomorrow as he’s still running a temperature but wants to go and wondering if when I wake up tomorrow I will feel better ? I hope so I’m a grumpy patient and we are disappearing under all the mess!!