Four years and a different County

A lot has happened since I posted my one and only post. We moved to Cornwall and Matt was deemed “too bright ” for a special school, he now attends a mainstream secondary school in Hayle a town around 6 miles from where we live. The journey to this point hasn’t been straight forward, when is it ever? When we first moved to Cornwall two recommended secondary schools told us us they couldn’t meet Matt’s needs ( in other words they had seen his statement & no thanks) Eventually by October 4 weeks after everyone else had returned to school we found a place in a local free school( which happened to be Roman Catholic) things were up and down, I would say it’s pretty tough being a square peg that everyone’s trying to fit into a round hole, but we worked things out with the help of a fantastic Senco.. Unfortunately the School was losing money and after 10 reasonable months we discovered it was to be closed and the children transferred to a large local school with zero tolerance. Within a week of the new school taking over Matt had been excluded once and worse was to come. Things came to a head and short of excluding my son I was told take him away and we won’t exclude him, after all you won’t want that on his record. He started at Hayle the next day, we had walked away from the old school with his books, they handed them to us on the way out!


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